I met Celia in 2011 at the Tucson Earthwalk. We were fire tenders and I was instantly captivated by her deep wisdom and connection to the Q’ero tribe in Peru whom I had recently started working with. Celia guided me through a year long Andean Medicine Wheel training and I became a full Mesa Carrier. In 2016 we made a very special pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca in Peru with a small group of women and the late Asunta Q’uispe Yapura, daughter of Don Manuel Q’uispe.

Celia’s purpose and intention for this lifetime is to facilitate the awakening and unfolding of awareness, healing, growth and love for each and every soul she encounters along her own journey of awakening. She believes that we are drawn to one another for this purpose and have the capacity to co-create powerful change in our lives and for Mother Earth.

Celia’s latest offerings are an on-line Mindful Self Compassion training, nature retreats and on-line and in-person Shamanic healing sessions.