A friend introduced me to the beautiful music of Rising Appalachia while we were at Eden Hot Springs. I was instantly captivated and bought all of their music and listened on repeat.

At the time I was producing the Epic Eden Experience so I reached out and told them about the retreat and invited them to be our featured musical guests in 2013. Within 3 hours, Leah wrote me back and said they were interested! Leah, Chloe, David and Biko arrived to play the most epic pool side concert as well as an intimate acoustic concert for the staff post retreat. Sean and I have hosted them at our home when they’ve played in Tucson and we enjoy cheering them on as they advocate for social, racial and environmental justice and indigenous rights. They are truly inspirational rock stars and most lovely human beings.

Enjoy their latest release: Stand Like an Oak and stream their music on all the channels for a profound and exciting listening experience.